WHC Lab, Mango Madness dry yeast, 500g

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Introducing Mango Madness, an innovative and cutting-edge strain. With its unique aromatic profile, thermotolerant properties and ability to accelerate fermentation. By using Mango Madness yeast, breweries can achieve faster turnarounds, increasing their production capacity without compromising on the quality and flavor profiles of their hop forward beers.

The yeast produces a guava and mango aroma and gives high levels of biotransformation, a diacetyl rest is not needed with this yeast strain. Dry hop can be performed at elevated temps in the 15-25C degree range and associated hop creep is lower then other IPA strains.

Beer Styles:  Double IPAs, IPAs, NEIPAs, Red Ales

Aromas: Neutral

Dosage: 30-100g/hl

Attenuation: 76-80%

Fermentation Range: 31-37°C

Flocculation: Low

Alcohol tolerance : 17% vol.



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