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Servomyces™ yeast from Lallemand is used as a yeast nutrient that improves their ability to incorporate essential nutrients, including zinc. This in turn enables faster fermentation, increases sedimentation and improves attenuation.

Servomyces™ is an active, naturally zinc-enriched Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that contains between 50,000 and 60,000 ppm of zinc in its cell structure. The name Servomyces™ is derived from the fact that the active yeast is added to the kettle as a sacrificial "zinciferous" yeast in the service of the chosen fermentation yeast.



1 g Servomyces L50 is used for 100 liters of wort for fermentation.

2 g Servomyces L50 is used for 100 liters of wort for propagation.

Please Note: Servomyces L50 is a live organism and as such dosage in the wort prior to the end of boil is recommended for deactivation.

Practical trials have shown that addition of Servomyces L50 should be made to the kettle about ten minutes before the end of the boil. 


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